Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pillows for Sale

"Dolled Up Pillows!" are a reflection of Beauty and an example of love. These hand-painted home accessories celebrate who you are as a Mother, Daughter, Siter, Auntie, Niece and Friend. The detachable accessories can be shared with Your GIRL (pillow friend) by swithcing out earrings, pendants and hair clips. "Dolled Up Pillows" remind every Woman and Girl to 'Love the Skin She's In!' by celebrating her natural beauty. These are hand painted by Sandra Epps. For more information or to inquire about SALES call 313-492-6953
Big Hair and Butterfly with No Detachable Jewelry
Hand Painted on a 18"x18" faux velvet rust color pillow

Pretty Nerd Girl with Glasses. She's wearing shell and authentic stone pierced earrings. These earrings can be shared by her Girl Friend
Hand Painted on an 18"x18" dark red faux velvet throw pillow.
Shipping in the United States is $10.
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